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Shipping Info

Shipping Info


Orders ship from the forested mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  Our trusty Bald Eagle, Ben Franklin, takes satchel after satchel down the mist covered slopes, across glades of waving grass, and over pristine crystal clear lakes of the biggest rainbows you've seen.  While it might be a great story to say he will claw deliver them. He simply drops them off at the town post office where they do the rest of the work to deliver it to you.

All orders ship the same day received before 3 PM EST (Weekdays).  Orders after may ship the same day but it's not guaranteed.  Old Franklin gets tired at times and sometimes us trusty human employees can't get it all done.  And sometimes the crumungens at the Post Office let the truck leave early. And when the weather is great, well it's Spikeball and Whiteclaw in the afternoon.  Don't judge us...

Shipping Time

2 days!  All orders ship with tracking.  Most orders go Priority Mail or 1st Class and arrive in 2 days. Sometimes 3 and on rare occasion 4 or more.  We apologize if it takes a few days. We aren't Amazon. We don't have our own fleet of trucks and planes yet.  Although Ben Franklin has his eye on a sassy girl by the lake.  Who knows, maybe that Bald Eagle home delivery will be coming soon!



Orders are $20 for customers with accents. That is those of you living in exotic locals like Tokyo, Japan and Oslo, Norway. Yes it's unfair you have to pay for shipping while those damn Yanks get it for free.  But it's just the way it is. 

Shipping Time

7-30 Days for International Shipping.  Oh the horror!  It's even more unfair.  Up to 30 days to receive our order!  We are sorry we can't fix this.  Maybe the world will unite over the extended mailing times of international commerce and do something about this long wait time for PalmerCash Apparel.  Until then you will just have to suffer, but in the end you do get some sweet PC gear.

VAT + Import Taxes

If your country decides to charge you these fees and taxes it is your responsibility to pay them.  We don't know what they will be.  It seems sometimes people are charged nothing and once in a great while it's 3 toes and part of a leg to get some t-shirts.  We do our best to label them and get them to you as inexpensive as possible.  We've also learned labeling the contents as Dope Cronic is a bad idea for all involved.  Sven in Norway we really do feel bad.

Sorry for the bad humor.  And if you are still reading this, stop.  Go buy some t-shirts!


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